Arbourside Court COVID-19 Update

April 26, 2020

Dear Residents, Family Members and Arbourside Staff

I want to thank everyone for doing their part in keeping our Arbourside Community safe and healthy. Please continue to follow Dr. Bonnie Henry’s orders by physical distancing, handwashing and reducing the flow of persons entering and exiting Arbourside Court. Service contractors and alike will still be maintaining on-site essential calls. At this moment we believe our staff and residents all to be healthy. This can change at any time. We are doing our best to “self –isolate” our community but this isolation is not absolute. Residents need to go off-site for medical appointments, for example.

There is a fine balance of allowance of essential persons entering our building as they have been out in the community. We keep these movements to an absolute minimum but there will always remain an element of risk of infection. If COVID-19 does enter Arbourside Court our focus would be on avoiding the spread by continuing our physical distancing and isolation protocols. Our dining room remains closed and our wonderful staff has been delivering to each suite. Conversations and plenty of laughs are still happening. We just speak a little louder and sit six feet apart.


Tania Miller

General Manager

Arbourside Court Suites