The Opposite Of Old Folks at Arbourside

August 08, 2022

Two women smiling and talking

When most people think of the term, old folks home, the image that pops up is bleak and dull. At our community, Arbourside Court, in sunny Surrey, BC, we bust the stigmatizing myths around aging. The residents in our community are people enjoying all the freedom and flexibility of living on their own, not old folks. We take care of day-to-day responsibilities, so residents in our tight-knit community can focus on the things that bring joy to their lives. Residents enjoy little to no daily responsibilities, a simple life most of us haven’t had since we lived under mom’s roof. We think of our community as an all-inclusive resort, in the heart of Surrey. We take care of housekeeping, home upkeep, day-to-day chores and more. Gone are the days of large grocery shops, our amazing chefs prepare three homecooked, hearty meals, daily. In between meals, our residents enjoy snacks and beverages with one another all day in our bistro. 

The most valuable aspect of life at Arbourside is not only the freedom and independence but the peace of mind for families and loved ones. We know transitioning into an independent living community can be intimidating for both residents and their family members. Resident health and wellbeing are our top priority. We provide emergency response pendants and a night responder to ensure support is in place to assist the residents. Our long-time dedicated staff become extended family to residents and a big, beautiful community built on trust and understanding. 

 We take our residents’ interests and abilities into account and schedule an array of activities, every day. We encourage creativity with regular crafts and art classes. Residents of all abilities stay active with yoga, fitness and much more! We even work out our brains with mental aerobics and stay calm with meditation. Residents enjoy social opportunities every day like bingo, movie nights and so much more. 

When you think about old folks, you probably think partying is out of the question. Not here at Arbourside. We dance and sing at parties and host live music at least once a month. Almost as if we’re college freshmen in a dorm, our best friends are only steps away. The wonderful friendships made in our community are so special. We can attest that living at Arbourside is a life full of love and friendships, truly making the golden years golden.

May at Arbourside!

June 06, 2022

The days slowly start to get warmer as we inch towards the summer months, and we’ve all been keeping busy, here at Arbourside Court in Surrey, British Columbia. Recently, we celebrated all the wonderful Moms in our community on Mother’s Day.  Residents and family members enjoyed a brightly decorated dining room with an extra special tea party. Chefs prepared high tea with treats and refreshments and everyone had a lovely afternoon of fun. Thank you to our talented chefs, dedicated staff, and family members for making this day so memorable. As well as our special celebration, residents enjoyed our regular daily programs of exercise and social activities, including yoga, Bingo and more! We program a range of activities to ensure that residents of all abilities can find an activity they enjoy. 

We believe that creativity should always be celebrated, so we regularly come together to make something fun and crafty. This month we painted coasters, made our own twine vases and hosted a painting event. We loved seeing all our residents’ unique creations and as always, had so much fun making them. The crafty fun continues as we have planned a painting event and decorative box craft day for June. 

In May we celebrated all the amazing mothers and grandmothers in our community, but don’t worry Dads, we haven’t forgotten about you! We invite residents and family members to celebrate Father’s Day with a fun-filled, booze and tattoos-themed party. We look forward to celebrating with happy hour, temporary tattoos, live music from Carl and more! 

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Arbourside June Newsletter

June 03, 2022

As we look forward to the summer months here at Arbourside Court, we’re excited to share what we’ve been up to and our upcoming plans. View and download our June newsletter here.